Water Supply

    * Agreement executed with Contractor – Package No. TSR-WS-01.
    * Accepted amount is Rs. 42,18,18,118/-
    * Joint Account opened with Superintending Engineer, KWA & Secretary, Thrissur Corporation.
    * Total payment released to the Contractor Rs. 8,21,52,196/-(including mobilization advance Rs. 4,21,81,812/- )
    * 14.78 km of 700 mm DI pipe collected at site.
    * 9.45 km pipe laying completed.
    * Field pressure testing 8 reaches completed. Total length 3.8 km.
    * Chemical house renovation works completed.
    * Chipping and replastering of one flocculator and one clariflocculator completed.
    * Chipping and replastering of filter bed, channels, trough, manifold channels completed. Laying of manifold cover slab completed.
    * Tiles laying of one filter chamber completed.
    * Chipping of roof slab of WTP is in progress.
    * 110 mm 10 kg pipe supplied, laying work started for laterals.
    * Filter media partially received.
   * DPR of distribution network discussed with Supt.Engineer, KWA and corporation steering committee. Revised DPR preparation is in progress.