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PooramThrissur is called as the Cultural Capital of the State.Thrissur occupies a prominent place in the history and culture of Kerala. It is also one of the main trade centers in the state.The present Thrissur District was carved out of a bigger District on 1st April, 1958. The town is built around the Temple of Vadakkumnathan. Trichur is famed for and wide for its pooram festival.

Thrissur, which is often referred to as ‘the pooram city’ is a city of great cultural, historical, political and commercial importance in central Kerala. It is considered as the ‘cultural capital’ of Kerala due to its rich and varied heritage and archeological wealth and the presence of many important cultural establishments. The city is built around a hillock, crowned by the famous Vadakkumnatha (Siva) temple which is a classic example of Kerala style of architecture. The Pooram festival which is well known for Elephant parade, percussion concert and umbrella competition is the major attraction of Thrissur.Thrissur pooram is celebrated annually in April – May and lakhs of people attend the festival. The festival is a major cultural attraction the state with its spectacular and audio synchronisation. Deities of various temples are brought to the vast ‘Thekkinkadu maidan’ on the backs of beautifully decorated elephants with ceremonial umbrellas, accompanied by the passionate drum concerts and colourful firework displays. The Elephant – umbrella competition is spectacular, as richly caparisoned elephants carrying decorated umbrellas take the deities with all pomp and pageantry.

The architectural design of the city also worths special mentioning as it was envisioned by Lord Sakthan Thampuran, the erstwhile ruler of Cochin state two hundred years ago. Located around a small hillock mounted by the Vadakkumnatha temple can be seen as scientifically planned as the city is actually built around the vast open space called ‘Thekkinkadu maidanam’ surrounding the centtally located Vadakkumnatha temple. Around the maidan lies the ‘Swaraj Round’, the circular ring road, with several radial roads starting from the road. The raised centre and the slopes starting from there are surrounded by green, fertile wetlands used for cultivating paddy.

During earlier days, Thrissur was of great agricultural importance with acres of wetlands cultivating paddy. Other important corps were coconut, arecanut, tapioca, banana, rubber etc. But later, the basically agrarian community turned towards trade – related and industrial activities and as a result, now a days Thrissur city enjoys the status of a very important commercial centre of central Kerala. Many of the state’s major jewellan’es and textile shops are situated here. At present, Thrissur enjoys the privilege of being not only the cultural capital but also a blooming trade city with a wide scope for commercial growth.

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